Monday, March 28, 2011

Blessed Tengboche

Tengboche Monastery, Nepal, 3860m

Located on the track to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Tengboche is not only a small Monastery village on the way to Everest. I felt a special vibe on that place. At five in the morning the bells start ringing from the Monastery, thanks for the Monks it was my alarm. But I believe some people didn't feel the same way as me, most of the people don't get up at 5 in the morning. Anyway, I got up and walk to the Monastery to share a meditation with the Monks, it was about 20 Monks doing their morning prays and I was so happy that I could join then. After the meditation I waked out of the door and there was a beautiful view of the mountains, some part was cloudy and some parts had blue sky. The moment was special and the sky was so beautiful, I love when we get this sort of half/half, on the right we can see blue sky and on the left is very cloudy.

I felt even more happy because I had just finished 3 passes trek on Sargamatha National Park, took me 16 days in total.

The same picture and another story...

The night before I had 2 glasses of wine with my meal on Tengboche Guest House (the white/blue build)... Glass of wine high in the mountains??? Yes babe, you still can get it, but is not good because of the high altitude.
Tengboche is when people really to start to feel the high altitude and you not suppose drink alcohol! But I was going down and not up PLUS I had not problems at all with the high altitude when I went up to 5500m, so I let my self do it as kind of celebration to have finished a difficult trek.
But the funny thing is that I was the only one who was having alcohol on a full dinning room of 30 people. Some guys start to comment and one could not help his self and asked: "Are you going up?" :-OOOOOOOOO

hahahaha, that was funny to see those amateur first time on high mountains so impressed of me drinking wine after finished the most challenge trek around the Everest PLUS doing it all by myself. SUPER ANGEL TREKKER, yes babe!

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